5 Ideas for Your Guest Cottage

5 Ideas for Your Guest Cottage

At Lakeshore, you can now add a guest cottage onto select lots. These cottages sit right next to your home, and provide a little extra space where you need it. There are a variety of things you can do with your guest cottage, from having a space for your hobby to a designated room to relax in. Here we will break down a few ideas to give you some inspiration for your guest cottage, or if you have an extra room in your home!

What did you do with your guest cottage or extra bedroom? Let us know at marketing@simple-life.com so we can share more ideas and inspiration.

Art Studio

Your creative juices deserve the perfect place to shine. Having an at-home studio where you can express yourself might be just what you need! This can be a place for your easel and paints, your clay and pottery, sewing, or whatever medium you so choose! Best part is, you will have the beautiful sunlight and gorgeous nature to look at while you create.

Home Office

In the last few years, working from home has become increasingly popular. It can be a great alternative for those who prefer to be in the comfort of their own home, or need total peace and quiet to get their work done. But there is something to be said about a little separation from your personal and professional life, so the guest cottage can act as the perfect balance! It's right next door, and still at home, but separate from where you eat, sleep and enjoy your life outside of work hours. This will help you leave work at work and be present at home.

Gym / Yoga Studio

Do you like to workout at home? Well don't crowd your living space or bedroom with any equipment. Set up your own home gym in your guest cottage! Hang up a full body mirror, and stock up on your equipment of choice. This is a great place to take up your yoga practice as well, a specific space to make very relaxing. Add some candles, plants, gentle music and have your very own sacred place.


For the book lovers, you can have your very own, private library. You'll have plenty of space for all of the books you collect, and a designated place to get lost in a good story! Some bookshelves, a few comfy chairs, a reading light, and you are set!

Guest Suite

This one is obvious, but use your cottage as a guest suite! The perfect oasis that your visitors will love, and keep them coming back! It'll really feel like vacation for them, and you will get the privacy of your home when you need it. There are many cute things you can do to set up a guest suite, like stocking up on snacks and toiletries and setting up a nice cozy bed.

Hopefully these ideas helped you decide what you'll do with that extra space! We'd love to see what you come up with, so send us some pictures at marketing@simple-life.com and we will share them on social media.