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5 Tips to Stay-at-Home in a Tiny House

5 Tips to Stay-at-Home in a Tiny House

Across the globe people are being asked to “stay at home” in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19. A number of websites are offering tips and tricks for staying in shape, both physically and mentally, while sheltering mostly indoors, but these suggestions can be hard to following with limited space. Afterall, one of the top reasons our homeowners give for going tiny is “living small renews your enthusiasm for spending more time outdoors.” If you are feeling a little cramped by the stay-at-tiny home new way of life, check out our tips and tricks below: vacation-rental-banner (1)

Maintain a Daily Schedule

Try to keep a similar schedule to the one you had before you were asked to stay at home. Wake up at a consistent time, get dressed, cook and eat when you normally would. Make time for exercise even if it must be indoors for now (more tips on this later) and stick to the lifestyle you were accustomed to.

Journal, Blog, Vlog 

Writing or keeping an audio or video journal allows you to capture your experiences and thoughts and use them to identify your future goals and aims. Start a journal during this time of social distancing in order to document life before, during, and after. Audio or video recording is a great alternative for when you find yourself with the opportunity to think, but nothing to write on or with. You may even find that this is a time in your life you enjoy; a time to rethink your priorities and your ideas, or move lingering thoughts center stage in your consciousness. Documenting this time can be both memorable and therapeutic.

Keep in Touch 

There’s a reason that social networks have “social” in their names! These platforms are designed to keep us connected with others and, most importantly, other like-minded people. During this time, use those social networks – Facebook, Twitter, NextDoor, etc. – to talk to people virtually. Call someone to chat or turn on your camera to connect visually. Get a group together on Zoom or try out a new app like HouseParty. We are lucky that modern technology gives us the ability to stay connected even when we can’t be physically together.

Limit Passive Screen Time 

Whether binging on Netflix or staying glued to the news, the temptation to spend time looking at screens, not communicating through them, is a strong one. Try to limit you daily passive screen time to the same amount you usually enjoyed when you were not following a stay-at-home order. Stay informed by the news, stay entertained by TV and movies, but like all things, practice moderation.

Tackle Your Project List

Start a windowsill garden, update your resume, fix that squeaky bathroom door, or even de-clutter your kitchen drawers. Consider this an opportunity to do something you’ve been putting off. Capitalize on the focus of attention staying at home provides! Community and home matter more than ever right now, and it’s important to take care of each other and ourselves. At Simple Life, we’re taking care of our community of employees, residents and future residents by temporarily stopping in-person new home tours. For those of you with scheduled appointments, we’ll reach out to give you the choice to reschedule or to have a conversation and take a virtual tour.
Bench-Upper-Pond-View-small We know that shopping for and exploring new homes virtually is one way many people are passing their time – and we are finding new ways to make that happen for you. Our team is also available to talk and answer any questions you have by phone or email. You can reach The Village at (904) 574-5122 or Lakeshore at (352) 205-4011. You can also find out more about us on Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to reach out to us anytime. We’ll be here to greet you in person as soon as it’s safe and advised. Stay safe and stay connected.