Residents gather in the clubhouse at The Hamlet to play games and enjoy each other's company.

Best Place to Retire in NC: The Hamlet

Best Place to Retire in NC: The Hamlet

Nestled at the base of the Blue Ridge mountains in Flat Rock, North Carolina, The Hamlet by Simple Life stands out as the best place to retire in NC. This quiet country community has captured the hearts of many older adults seeking a mellow, active lifestyle in their golden years.

Renowned for its low-maintenance tiny homes, convenient location, and a host of amenities tailored for retirees, The Hamlet offers an idyllic environment that embraces the best aspects of retirement living. 

Easy Mountain Living Makes This The Best Place to Retire in NC

Flat Rock, North Carolina, captivates retirees and residents alike with breathtaking natural beauty. The area is known for rolling hills, lush forests, and meandering streams that cultivate a tranquil environment. The Hamlet itself is cradled by full, towering trees and quiet wetland, but the outdoor recreational experience of Flat Rock is unmatched.

Scenic blue ridge parkway near the best place to retire in NC.

The nearby DuPont State Recreational Forest and Pisgah National Forest contribute to this community being the best place to retire in NC. These preserves offer miles of hiking and biking trails, pristine waterfalls, and opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife observation. Residents also enjoy many local state parks and natural attractions, such as the breathtaking jump-off rock in Laurel Park.

If you only explore Flat Rock's natural beauty once, however, it has to be during autumn. Fall foliage transforms the land into a vibrant tapestry of reds, oranges, and golds, a sight that attracts leaf-peepers from around the country. Autumn is also apple harvesting season, a fruit whose production has been a staple of North Carolina since the Apple Boom in 1880.

Apple orchards are abundant in North Carolina, with harvest season starting in September.

Tiny Homes: A Realistic Housing Option for Retirees

In recent years, tiny homes have garnered attention as a trendy housing solution. However, they are a pleasant and realistic home option for retirees for several reasons. Aside from being delightfully unique and comfortable dwellings, tiny homes are maintenance-free, more affordable than traditional housing, and promote healthy social relationships among neighbors.

At The Hamlet, tiny homes range in size from 399 - 540 square feet. Most models are single bedroom and bathroom, but two bedroom models are also available as needed. Due to their smaller size, tiny homes don't require as much maintenance. There is simply less space that needs to be maintained. Moving into a tiny home also calls for downsizing, resulting in less material things that need to be transported, unpacked, and stored. (Check out this great blog post for tips on downsizing:

The best place to retire in NC is comprised of gorgeous tiny homes, perfect for retirees.

In Simple Life's tiny home communities, professional landscapers are also employed. As the best place to retire in NC, residents never need to concern themselves with yard work while still enjoying gorgeous greenery and well-pruned lawns.

Best Place to Retire in NC Enhances Quality of Life

A normal aspect of aging is the heightened consideration of maintaining your health. Having resources designed to support your health close to home is essential for retirees. A few of the amenities that accomplish this at The Hamlet are the fitness center, community pool, yoga studio, and bocce ball court. This variety allows our residents to tailor their wellness routine to their specific needs without needing to leave the neighborhood.

Just as important as exercising and physical activity is being able to unwind and truly relax. For this reason, The Hamlet has designated amenities where residents can go to enjoy a moment of quiet. These include a gorgeous reflection garden complete with a babbling water feature surrounded by herbs, flowers, and swinging benches.

Gorgeous reflection garden at The Hamlet, the best place to retire in NC.

Conveniently Located Close to Healthcare and Other Necessities

In addition to its lovely mountain location, The Hamlet is located within 10 miles of everything you need. From grocery stores and restaurants to local attractions and healthcare, residents save valuable time running errands by enjoying a reduced travel distance. For a more in-depth list of necessities in close proximity to The Hamlet, read our blog post here:

The Hamlet is also the best place to retire in NC for its closeness to necessary healthcare facilities. Pardee UNC Health Care has a presence nearby The Hamlet, offering high-quality healthcare facilities for residents. Whether you need a routine visit with a doctor at Pardee Hospital or have to get checked out at the Pardee Urgent Care clinic, your health will be in good hands. With these places nearby, retirees can have peace of mind knowing that quality medical services are readily available.

Residents gather around the firepit in the evening, enjoying the best place to retire in NC.

Overall, this gorgeous little mountain community gives retirees everything they need to live out their golden years to the fullest. But don't take our word for it - visit the best place to retire in NC for a personalized tour!

The Hamlet is open Monday through Saturday 10am - 5pm. Contact us to schedule a tour of state-of-the-art tiny homes, various amenities, and peek into the ideal lifestyle our residents enjoy on a daily basis.

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