Community Clubhouse

Every day is like vacation when you have an escape like this

We have an abundance of ways that our residents can connect. Whether you make friends with your next-door neighbor while out dog-walking, mingling at one of our community events, or meeting during line dancing or yoga class, we find joy in seeing our residents forge meaningful relationships with one another. This is precisely why the Clubhouse is the diamond in the crown of our community - think of it as a convenient spot to relax and socialize.

The clubhouse features a bright interior with a variety of seating arrangements to best fit your needs. In the main clubhouse area, six stools wait at the bar for you to have lunch with a friend, with a mounted television above the sink you’re welcome to use. Cushioned chairs are arranged near coffee and end tables to create the perfect space for a book club, a hobby group, or just as an open space to catch up. One of the most distinct signatures of our community builder, Lee Woods Construction, is the wealth of natural light from the myriad of windows – Florida is the sunshine state after all, so why not enjoy it even indoors?



Spacious restrooms are located in the North hallway for convenience, and are regularly stocked and cleaned. A large room of tables and chairs is open for use at the South end of the building, and makes a great space for board games, puzzles, and other tabletop activities. This space is where Lakeshore holds trivia night, Mahjong, and more.

Directly beyond the entrance of the clubhouse is the set of glass doors leading to the lanai. Fans circulate the air above the outdoor seating, which includes tables, chairs, and comfortable sectionals for lounging in the shade. Most notably, the veranda faces the natural beauty that is the vast expanse of Lake Andrew, where you can breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the vibrant scent of freshly cut grass, and perhaps enjoy some peaceful birdwatching.