Lakeshore quick move-in homes are the perfect route for someone looking to see their home on their lot before purchasing. Unique to our quick move-ins, you can head over to Lakeshore and see the home before making the decision to buy! Visualize your furniture and décor in the space you’ll soon call home. Because these homes are pre-designed, the moving process is expedited, allowing you to move in as soon as possible! Right now, Lakeshore quick move-ins are on sale, and these are prices that won’t come around again. Scroll through to see some of the gorgeous homes we have on site now! Altamonte, Homesite 174 Features a split bedroom floor plan, with the master and guest bedrooms on opposite sides of the home. This is perfect for anyone who loves to host friends and family, ensuring quiet and privacy when you and your guests retreat to your rooms. Equipped with a very generous screened-in deck on the side of the home. This space adds on so much more living area to the home. It’s fit for outdoor dining, an outdoor living set or the new space for your favorite hobby. Experience the sunrise like you haven’t before, on your porch or in your home. The tandem windows let the light shine in and brighten up your space. Sebring 2, Homesite 165 Equipped with ample storage in the master bedroom. Two sliding barn-door closets separated by extra shelves allow for a place for all the things you need. If that’s not enough, find an extra closet just outside the door to the master! Luxurious walk-in shower in the bathroom! Two screened-in decks along the front and back of the home. The back porch is accessible through the master bedroom, becoming your private oasis. Sebring, Homesite 167 Located on a prime lot! This home is only neighbored on one side, providing its lucky owner with a private side yard. The full-sized master bath features double sinks and a ceramic tile walk-in shower. Find upgraded stainless steel appliances and innovative kitchen storage. Come tour our quick move-in homes and take advantage of the low prices we are offering for a short time! Call 352-702-4918 to book a tour and learn more.

The Benefits of Move-In Ready Homes

The Benefits of Move-In Ready Homes

Determining the type of house that will best suit your needs is just as important as any other decision in the real estate purchasing process. Sure, your main goal might be to move closer to your family members or get a pet-friendly space, but not if the house you’re looking at has problems you need to resolve before you move in. In a worse-case scenario, some =issues may remain hidden until after you’ve closed, e.g., a leak that reveals itself after a storm. For some homeowners, these problems are only minor obstacles that a little cash can fix. Other property owners, however, may experience financial difficulties when they have to fix things that were out of their responsibilities. 

Thus arises a popular category in the real estate industry – move-in ready homes, sometimes called quick move-in homes. 

What are Move-In Ready Homes? 

As the name suggests, these houses are ones that can be occupied soon after closing. Some home listings may be posted before the construction project is completed, before the owner has moved out, etc., and these homes may be available for purchase but not technically in move-in ready condition. There are specific conditions that define a new move-in ready home and separate them from the rest of the market.

Move-in Ready Homes are Either Newly Built or in the Final Phase of Construction

This makes the timeline from closing to move-in more efficient than before. This is a great option if your house is currently on the market, you’re looking to relocate quickly, or you want to spend less time worrying about the house itself and have more time to explore the community and surrounding areas to ensure it suits your lifestyle. Life can happen quickly and suddenly, and if a change of events has you feeling like it’s time to adjust your living situation, quick move-in homes can be an easy and less painful option.

Move-in Ready Homes must be Up to Code 

For a move-in ready home to be listed as such, the house has to meet all local requirements and be up to code. This includes working electricity, plumbing, and lockable doors and windows. This is a requirement of all houses on the market.

Quick Move-In Homes Can be Resale or New Construction Properties 

If you want to eliminate as much guesswork as possible, you’ll want to look into new move-in ready homes. Everything from the materials to the layout and design are optimized to modern standards for safe and comfortable living.

Being freshly built, you know exactly what you’re getting with a new home. You don’t have to inspect the house for things that need fixing, no appointments with contractors, no worrying about dealing with a potential fixer-upper – everything is installed and working, saving you time and money in the long run. All you have to do is bring in the moving truck!

Because these  homes progress quickly from beginning to end of the process, there is little decision making to be done on behalf of the buyer. If you like the general design of the house, its smart home features, and/or the price is right, that’s all there really is to it. New ready move-in homes don’t have previous live-in owners to coordinate with, so you can move in as soon as you close. This can give you more time to consider how you’d like your new home to be furnished, if there are specific interior design themes and features you want to add, and how to align the purpose of the space with your ideas to maximize your quality of life at home.

In our Lakeshore Community, Simple Life has newly constructed one- and two-bedroom homes that are move-in ready, including the Madeira, Captiva, and Vista cottages.

Move-In Ready Home Models Available in Simple Life’s Lakeshore Community

We typically have a variety of one and two-bedroom homes available, each with their own unique colors, fixtures and features. These homes are ideal for those customers who are want a fast pass to move in day. When purchasing a home at Lakeshore, customers would traditionally customize the home. They would choose their model, lot, colors, fixtures, finishes and features. However, we often find that a customer’s perfect home is already a part of our inventory, which allows them to cut down on the time it takes to start from scratch.



This 1-bed, 1-bath home model features a beautiful open concept living area, a luxurious double sink vanity and walk-in shower in the bathroom, and large primary bedroom with plenty of closet space. The Madeira feautures  a gallery of windows flowing along the side of the home allow for light to flow in as the sun rises and sets each day.



If you’re looking for a two-bed, two-bath home, the Captiva is a great option. One of our favorite things about this home model is the kitchen, highlighted by its abundance of counter space and storage, under-cabinet lighting, and large kitchen island. It also features a private porch off the master bedroom, and the ability to utilize the second bedroom space however you like, whether that be an office, art studio, or guest bedroom.



Another beautiful 2-bed, 2-bath model, the Vista sports a unique split floor plan with two suites on either side of the home. This is a great house for hosting guests, with an outdoor bar and pass-through window from the kitchen on the front porch to make serving a breeze. 

Find more information on Lakeshore’s new quick move-in homes, or browse or full set of floor plans for new construcion homes in our Lakeshore Community.  

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