Our Happy Residents

"Sitting on my porch and people are walking by with their dogs and it’s, ‘hi how are you?’ getting into a conversation. You can’t really do that in big communities."

Anne S. And Gulbin G. Atlanta, GA

"All the things they do for you here, the staff is outstanding. A community fire pit, community garden, they even send around an ice-cream truck on Sundays. It's been the best move of my life."

Brenda W. Westfield, IN

"My husband and I recently purchased our tiny home and we just love it. It has all the amenities of a full size home so we don’t feel we are missing anything. It truly is living more Simply. The Village is beautiful and well maintained. It is wonderful to walk, stop at a meditation garden, sit on the swings and enjoy your day."

Eileen M. New York, NY

"It’s a little old fashioned. My parents always talked about growing up with front porches and front porch visiting and that’s what I feel like we’re back to here. Creating community through front porches."

Jean P. Amelia Island, FL

"The number one thing about Simple Life is the community and our neighbors. The friendships we have made here are the reason we’re not leaving, we’re not going anywhere else."

John L.&Alberto V. Orlando, FL

"The Sedona that we selected has an open-air feel and with being able to add on the extra bedroom it gave us two main floor bedrooms. The loft is our third bedroom and it’s great for grandkids."

Kelly & Steve S. Jacksonport, WI

"Purchasing a home here is a relatively small investment, giving you the ability to put your money in the bank and travel and enjoy other things."

Pam M. Saint Petersburg, FL

"The community is very inclusive and accepting of all people. We have made more friends here in the last six months than we did in a subdivision for 20 years. And it’s great to live so close to your friends!"

Roger and Steven
Steven and Roger New York, NY

"This is much more comfortable living. We don’t go out shopping looking for things, we are living for experiences."

Sherron A. Punta Gorda, FL