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Live Large. Carry Less.

A Lifestyle That Inspires You in North Carolina and Florida

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Simple Life

Simple Life creates and operates tiny home and cottage communities with private amenities for people who value living life over maintaining things. Our gated land lease communities in Western North Carolina and central Florida are designed for those who seek a simpler, yet fuller lifestyle. Nestled in the heart of nature and designed with residents’ peace in mind, our communities are perfect for active adults who dream of downsizing without compromise. Explore our tiny home communities in NC and our cottage home community in FL. Each home is crafted with precision and care. While our footprint is smaller, your quality of life couldn’t be larger. Our homes are more than just places to live; they're gateways to a lifestyle that cherishes community living and the beauty of nature.

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Are you ready to live large and carry less?

Discover Simple Life's tiny homes and cottages designed to maximize space, comfort, and style, making every square foot count. Dive into an active adult lifestyle within a community of like-minded individuals who value wellness and staying active. Enjoy a range of amenities at your doorstep, from fitness centers to community gardens, designed to promote a healthy, active lifestyle. Experience the best of both worlds in our gated communities set amidst nature, with nearby shopping, dining, and recreational activities for your convenience. Embrace sustainable living in our environmentally conscious communities. Step into communities that values quality over quantity, and where every day brings a new opportunity to explore, connect, and relax. If you're an active adult looking for new homes in NC or new homes in FL that offer a way to truly live, Simple Life is waiting for you.


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