10 Benefits of Living In New Home Communities

10 Benefits of Living In New Home Communities

Old homes and communities offer a sense of nostalgia, but some are far beyond their "use by" date. Both the area and the homes are outdated, in need of remodeling, and more.

There are definite benefits to living in new home communities. Though specifics will differ, many of today's new home communities offer convenience, desirable opportunities, and numerous other pluses.

Here are 10 benefits that can frequently be experienced by singles, couples, and families who choose new communities over older, outdated ones.

Brand New Houses

Old communities have old houses. Extensive and expensive renovation is a very real consideration if you plan on buying a home in a neighborhood that was established long ago. In new home communities, you get exactly that – newly constructed homes. There's nothing quite like a house (and neighborhood) that is fresh, clean, and equipped with all of today's modern conveniences and safety features.

Recreation Opportunities

Though there may be a nearby park or playground, older communities in general were not designed with recreation in mind. Today's new home communities, however, frequently offer numerous sports venue opportunities, depending on what kind of recreational activities you’re looking for. (See "amenities" below.)


Old, established urban communities are what they are – houses, streets, and tiny yards. They were not designed with many amenities. Today's new home communities, on the other hand, are just the opposite. Numerous amenities are available including things like observation decks, lake views, walking trails, sports areas, dog parks, fire pits, club houses, pools, fitness facilities, and more.

Pet Friendly

Some older communities frown on owning pets or there simply isn't enough room, depending on the pet in question. With pet friendliness being a hot topic today, new home communities not only indulge but encourage pet ownership. Many feature dog parks for the enjoyment of residents and their furry friends.

Parking Availability

There can be a serious lack of parking in some older, urban communities. For suburban homeowners in new house communities, ample parking has been considered in the design.


Compared to their urban counterparts, new home suburbs likely have lower crime rates. The feeling of safety and security is ensured through use of gated entrances, on-site community staff, and well-lit sidewalks and roads.


Nature and green space are often considered when building new home communities. The footprint may be smaller and access to the great outdoors increased. Around existing natural components, many of today's new home communities are specially designed – rather than tearing down and paving over some of mother nature's best efforts.


Less crowded, newer schools – and more choices – are often associated with today's new home communities. You may have a wider selection of better schools than in older, established areas.

Get More Bang for Your Buck

Frequently, when it comes to yard space and home square footage, today's new home communities offer homebuyers more for their money. In some cases, a small downtown condo will cost the same or more than a larger (newer) residence in a new home community.

Peace and Quiet

A more quiet, peaceful atmosphere is offered to residents of many new home communities today. They’re just close enough to urban areas for convenience, but far away enough to provide a more serene way of life.

Check Out the New Homes in Our Two Communities!

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