5 Reasons To Move To Lakeshore by Simple Life Today

5 Reasons To Move To Lakeshore by Simple Life Today

5 Reasons To Move To Lakeshore by Simple Life Today

Florida has long been a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts, active adults, and retirees, who have lived through too many snow-packed winters in the northern states. It’s no wonder so many folks head down to the Sunshine State where beautiful outdoor living can be enjoyed 8-9 months out of the year. There is more than just Mickey Mouse, alligators, and early-bird specials in Florida. Florida encompasses some of the best in sports, recreation, diversity, cuisine, and more! And like Florida itself, the Simple Life community at Lakeshore in Oxford, FL, offers not just right-sized affordable living but also exclusive private amenities, close proximity to world-class golf courses, events, diverse shops and restaurants, top-notch medical facilities, and an abundance of outdoor activities. In case you aren’t convinced yet that you belong in sunny Central Florida, here are 5 reasons you’ll want to move to Lakeshore today!

The Weather

Central Florida has amazing weather throughout the year. In fact, as this is written the forecast for the day is a high of 65º with a slight 5% chance of afternoon showers. Oxford doesn’t have a long rainy season and certainly doesn’t encounter snowstorms. Weather is actually one of the key reasons why people love living in Central Florida. Unlike South Florida there is more than just ‘hot’ and ‘hotter’. At Lakeshore you can have access to warm weather all year round.
5 Reasons To Move To Lakeshore by Simple Life Today

Outdoor Activities

Lakeshore is surrounded by outdoor activities, again mainly due to its great weather. From golf academies where you can hone your skills to championship courses, if you like to play a round several times during the week, central Florida is for you. Lakeshore also has easy access to a number of lakes that allow for fishing all year round. And speaking of water, just 90-minutes, the Atlantic Coast, Central Florida offers easy access to beautiful beaches with pristine blue water and plenty of water-related activities. The Central Florida region is also known for lush public gardens open most months of the year for strolling and two distinct plating seasons for private hobby gardeners.

Ease of Travel

Although other parts of Central Florida are more well-known as the locations of theme parks and beaches, Central Florida presents a peaceful retreat from the busy tourist destinations while still granting access to those destinations. Lakeshore itself is close to the urban corridor of Interstate 75, US Highway 301, and the Florida Turnpike; and equidistant from Orlando and Tampa, about one hour’s drive from each. Highway access is convenient and direct and access to major airports is less than 90 minutes away.
5 Reasons To Move To Lakeshore by Simple Life Today


Central Florida is one of the more diverse locations on the East coast. A benefit of its diversity is that living here provides access to a large variety of different types of cuisine. There are cafes, restaurants, bistros, diners, and top-of-the-line 5-star restaurants that serve cuisine from all over the globe. No matter if you’re in the mood for Chicken Parmesan at an Italian restaurant or Tika Masala at an Indian spot or you simply want a stack of homemade pancakes, you can most certainly find them in Central Florida.

Affordable Living

Perhaps the #1 reason for moving to Lakeshore in Oxford, FL is affordable living. Simple Life provides lifestyle community amenities and a collection of 1 and 2-bedroom small cottages for sale that can be customized to meet your individual needs. The best part? Simple Life maintains and operates all of their communities to the highest standards.
In a Simple Life community, you own your home, and avoid the cost and burden of land ownership, with their flexible lifestyle and homesite lease packages designed to give you the freedom to live more of life. You choose your lease term and if you sell your home your lease is canceled immediately at no cost, hidden fee, or burden to you. Come check out Lakeshore in sunny, Central Florida today!. If you can’t visit with us this weekend, we invite you to LIKE us on Facebookfollow us on Instagram, or follow us on Houzz. If you want to schedule your visit today contact us online or call 904-601-0809 in North Carolina or 352-404-4779 in Florida.
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