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Embracing the Simple Life: Building and Enjoying a Small Home in The Villages, FL

Keyton floorplan available in Florida

If you’ve been searching for a new place to call home, you might have considered Florida. The Villages is one of the most popular destinations for active adults looking to relocate for either retirement or a change of pace. Located just north of Orlando, this community offers plenty of amenities.

In this article, we’ll explore the appeal of The Villages in Florida and some of the advantages of choosing a home with a smaller footprint. We’ll also introduce Lakeshore by Simple Life, a wonderful community that is not only close to The Villages but offers smaller, high-quality, modern homes at an affordable price. Let’s first explore why The Villages is so appealing to many who come and move to Florida. 

What Makes The Villages So Attractive to New Florida Residents

Many people who aspire to move to Florida find themselves drawn to The Villages, as it is one of the most prominent 55+ communities in the state. There are a few reasons why people often choose The Villages as their new home:

  • It’s All About Location: As mentioned before, The Villages are located in a prime location. It is not right next to Disney World and the theme parks, but you’re only an hour from downtown Orlando and less than two hours to either coastline, making it ideal for those wanting to enjoy the many things to do near The Villages, FL. 
  • Amenities in Abundance: As with many other 55+ communities, you’ll find that there are plenty of activities and amenities here. The Villages includes more than 50 Championship and Executive golf courses, pickleball courts, three libraries, and much more. Not only that but there are also plenty of community events and pools.
  • Focus on Active Lifestyle: Many residents love living in The Villages because of the active lifestyle they can lead. With so many activities, excursions, and a focus on community events, you’ll find plenty of options to fill your day and many opportunities to make new friends in the area. 

As you can tell, there are plenty of reasons why people come to The Villages and love living here. However, people often find themselves choosing to have a smaller footprint home, which can provide you with some unexpected benefits. 

Aerial view of a coastal residential area with a red lighthouse on the left, houses along the water's edge, and boats moored in the harbor.

What Are the Advantages of a Small Footprint Home? 

While you might be interested in finding a home with plenty of space, there can be many advantages to finding a house that has a smaller footprint. Not only will you have less to clean, but you’ll also enjoy other benefits that you might not expect. 

#1: Cost-Effective and Reduced Costs

With less square footage, you’ll ultimately end up spending less money on both building and maintaining your home. If you have a 2,000-square-foot home, you’ll likely spend more on property taxes, utilities, and repairs, but small homes in Florida—even as small as 700 square feet—can provide you with a greatly reduced bill and less financial overhead. 

#2: Simpler Lifestyle

Aside from having less to clean and spending less on property taxes and utilities, you’ll also enjoy a minimalist lifestyle. If you only have 700 square feet of space to fill, you won’t be able to fit as much as you would with a larger home. You’ll likely only keep what you need and have less in storage, which can help you significantly reduce your clutter while you embrace a more relaxing, simpler life. 

#3: Community Focus

Small homes in Florida make it easier for you to get involved in your community. With only so much space, you’ll feel more inclined to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and socialize with some of your neighbors. This can be a great benefit, especially if you just moved to the area, as you’ll start to integrate and become part of the neighborhood. 

Now that you understand more about smaller-footprint homes and their benefits, you might wonder where you can find one near The Villages. Fortunately, Lakeshore by Simple Life makes building a home in The Villages, FL, possible. 

Keyton floorplan available in Florida

Introducing Lakeshore by Simple Life

Located in Oxford, Florida, and just 5 minutes from The Villages, Lakeshore by Simple Life offers the benefits of The Villages paired with the beauty of simple living. This small cottage community was made for those seeking a simpler, active lifestyle, smaller footprint, and proximity to the entertainment and activities that The Villages and Central Florida are known for. 

One of the best parts of living at Lakeshore by Simple Life is that you can take part in the many things to do near The Villages, FL. Simple Life’s small cottage community also offers several amenities, including a dog park, community gardens, clubhouse, fitness facility, pickleball court, and numerous others.  

However, as mentioned, the small homes in Florida available in this community are the most enticing part of the Lakeshore community. Not only that but if you’re interested in building a home in The Villages, FL, Lakeshore is the perfect place to do that. You can customize your high-quality site-built home and make it to your liking while also leveraging the benefits of a small cottage that is all your own.  

Find Your Perfect Home in The Villages

With so many benefits to The Villages and small homes in Florida, it is easy to see why Lakeshore by Simple Life is an excellent option for those moving to the Sunshine State. If you’re interested in building a home in The Villages, FL, reach out to Simple Life today to discuss your options. No matter what floorplan you choose and what features you desire, we look forward to welcoming you to the area and showing you all the things to do near the Villages, FL. 


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