Observation Deck

Whether you’re enjoying your morning cup of coffee with the sunrise or a cold drink with the sunset, the observation deck is the perfect place to relax and soak up some of the beautiful views of Lake Andrew. Experience the peace and quiet of Lakeshore in solitude, as a time for reflection, or grab a friend or two and head out to the rocking chairs for some quality time.

Part of the reason the team at Simple Life chose this lakeside location was the beautiful landscape and harmonious atmosphere, as most prominently felt on the observation deck.

Oak trees with massive trunks stand at a lifespan of at least half a century – the stillness of the water’s surface invokes a deep sense of tranquility. Being surrounded by this immensely green and thoughtfully preserved natural environment is intended to promote well-being for our residents, and give them the best opportunity to escape life’s many stresses.


Conveniently located beside the clubhouse, the observation deck makes for a premier fishing spot on the water. Railings surround each side of the dock for residents’ safety. The deck is also accessible from the walking trail.