The Advantages Of Buying A Home In Simple Life Lakeshore

Simple Life’s vision is to reduce the cost of high-quality living associated with great master planned communities around the country. We do this by taking a different approach from conventional communities, focusing on efficiently designing and building the community. Traditionally, developers build out lots and amenities, sell them to builders, who then sell both lots and homes to buyers, leaving the community's management to an HOA. Simple Life's approach results in communities with high quality homes and lifestyles.

Quality Homes at Lower Costs

To reduce the cost of building high quality housing, we focused on managing development costs. One way we do this is by reducing the number of platted homesites in our community to one plat (LOT). Planning and zoning regulations allow significantly more freedom to lower costs when we do that.

Using one plat, we reduce development costs in several ways. This includes building and maintaining our own infrastructure, negotiating with utilities suppliers, landscaping services and cable companies for 232 homesites instead of one, not feasible in traditional developments.


Own Your Home, Lease Your Land

This also allows us and our homeowners to pay a lower tax basis for real estate, by leasing the land under the home for 99 years, while providing all the rights of traditional homeownership. Our residents keep the cost of the land in their pocket.

Like traditional site-built homes, we meet all Florida building codes, and provide high-end finishes at the lowest possible price. Our homes qualify as homestead property, which for Florida residents, reduces their real estate taxes further. In addition, our homes qualify for all government backed traditional loan programs, including Fannie, Freddie, VA and FHA lending products.

Cottage Home by Simple Life | Captiva Model

Common Concept

The concept of buying your home and leasing your lot isn’t new; in fact, it's done all over the United States in commercial settings. Think of CVS, Walgreens and many other national bricks and sticks companies who lease their land for 99 years and own their building.

It’s also a popular way to reduce housing costs throughout the Canadian provinces. Leasing allows you to lower your total cost without compromising any of your homeownership rights.

Great Community

Simple Life communities are full of people living, sharing and socializing, tending to the community
gardens, playing pickleball, walking the trails, enjoying the pool and fitness center.
The management and maintenance of the community, and cost containment methods outlined above
are left to us, the owner-operator of all Simple Life communities.

Cottage Home by Simple Life | Model Row

Florida Communities

In North Carolina, which has been five years in the making, you will find smaller homes of 399-550 square feet, and a mixed community of full-time and part-time residents.

Our Florida communities are built around larger homes starting at 725 square feet and up to 1,085 square feet. Homes are well-appointed, with one or two bedrooms, two baths and a den; with the option to add a “she shed” or “man cave” and a carport.

We invite you to visit Lakeshore and allow our trained and dedicated team help you learn more about becoming part of the Simple Life