Lakeshore’s community pool sits right on the shore of Lake Andrew, making it a prime location to catch some sun and beautiful views. The pool varies in depth from 3ft at one end to 5ft at the other, is a classic in-ground pool style, and is regularly maintained by our on-site staff.

Have some fun going for a swim with friends and neighbors, or bring along an inner tube to float away your worries. Our pool is also fantastic for doing laps if you’re looking for an effective, full-body workout with less stress on your joints. If you don’t feel like swimming, you can still enjoy the spacious pool deck by taking a seat at one of the many shaded tables and chairs. For our sunbathers, you can find lounge chairs beneath the pergola at the end of the deck with convenient side tables in reach. Enjoy a good book, a morning swim or an evening happy hour with your neighbors at the community pool!