What's it like to live at Lakeshore?

Hear from the residents themselves.

Our Happy Residents

"We wanted to downsize and simplify our lives.  We want to travel, and not worry about maintaining a large house.  Knowing that the management team is here on site Monday through Friday is comforting.  We love all of the amenities and the property is beautiful!"

Lisa And James M. The Villages, FL

“It was like night and day. Here I was out in this busy, busy world, and then all of a sudden it was peace, and I felt that it just drew me. Like, I have more time to be outside, to go walking, to be with friends. I do a swim like, three days a week. Just having that freedom of not being so tied to all your things is wonderful.”

Client Profile
Sunny Davidson

"What I love most about my cottage home at Lakeshore is it's full of light and I can open the french doors to the screened porch. This allows for awesome indoor/outdoor living and a fabulous breeze. My dog loves this too!"

Laura P. New York, NY

“You find that you don’t need all the stuff you thought you needed. And there’s something to be said about not having all that stuff. Our lives now are so much less hectic and it’s just more relaxing for us. You can be as active as you want – there’s so many different things to do if you choose to. You can sit on your porch and wave to people and they know your name.”

Client Profile
Shelley Risser

“My porch doors are just open because I love the fresh air. And the sounds of the lake, you know, the frogs and birds and all of that stuff. And I have told my friends that I’m living the life – that I so totally love it here. Everything about it. This is the place to be.”

Client Profile
Colleen Maher