How To Host Holidays In Your Small House

How To Host Holidays In Your Small House

There is nothing quite like gathering in the company of family and friends over the holidays. However, hosting an advent celebration, a Hanukkah dinner, or a Christmas day feast in a tiny house cottage can be intimidating for hosts and hostesses who are used to entertaining in a larger space. In fact, it’s easy! If you think you need a big house to host a major holiday meal, you’re mistaken. No amount of square footage can create the memories of breaking bread together with the ones you love. All it truly takes is a bit of creativity. These tips will get you ready for a truly enjoyable event, regardless of the size of your home. Tiny_Home_Christmas_2017-52

1. Be Strategic When Planning the Timing and the Menu

Do as much as you can ahead of time. Prepare ingredients beforehand so that you can easily continue to fix the meal when and if your kitchen becomes cheerily crowded. Consider light Hors d’oeuvres or even a charcuterie tray to give your guests something to snack on while you cook. Appetizers can be enjoyed while standing or moving around and they get the conversation and glad tidings started.

2. Create Space

You have limited room in a small home, but there are ways to make the most of what you have. Rearrange the furniture to maximize floor space. You don’t want anything cascading out into the living area. Pack it all into the corner of a bedroom if you have to. Rent or borrow folding chairs that can easily be set out, moved around, and then taken away. Consider bringing small side tables out of bedrooms to make a resting place for drinks and plates. Then, designate a single area, like a bedroom or loft, where guests can leave their things, so your primary space won’t get cluttered with coats and bags as guests arrive.

3. Find Alternatives

There is no single dining room table in a cottage at The Village at Flat Rock that will comfortably seat 20 people! But there are plenty of alternatives to the Martha Stewart ‘Brussels Traditional’ table and chairs for the holiday meal. In fact, plan your event away from the table altogether. Most people won’t mind sitting on the couch or a chair with a plate in their lap, catching up with a friend they rarely see. Plan to serve buffet style and allow people to seat themselves. While you’re at it, consider compostable disposable plates, napkins, and flatware. Nothing echoes “Bah Humbug” quite like a heaping mound of dirty dishes in a small kitchen sink after you eat.

4. Use Your Counter Space

In a small home, every square-inch counts! Remove your unnecessary appliances from the kitchen counter. Put away the photo frames and trivets, as well. Make sure you are using your counter space fully for entertaining, if even just for the day.

5. Get Outside Your Small House

One of the magical things about living in western North Carolina is that oftentimes the weather in late fall is quite comfortable. With the mercury hovering around 50º a sweatshirt or jacket makes outdoor activities exceptionally nice. You and your guests can enjoy a fire pit, hiking the nearby mountains, or playing lawn games like corn hole and horseshoes. You can venture up to The Village community shuffleboard or pickleball courts. Afterward, go back to the house to enjoy a piece of pie and a cup of coffee. By this point in your event, your guests will be so full and sleepy that they’ll think nothing of your square footage and more about the backside of their eyelids! With a small amount of planning, you can host a wonderful holiday celebration no matter the size of your space. It’s the time you spend together that makes the memories—not the number of place settings. We invite you to visit us this holiday season at The Village at Flat Rock, NC to explore Hendersonville, North Carolina and the benefits of living large while carrying less! Our Sales Preview Center is open 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Saturday. An appointment is encouraged so we may show you the attention you deserve. Call 904-574-5122 or follow us on Facebook or on Instagram.