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Living Simply in Oxford, FL: The Appeal of a Small Cottage Community

This cottage home for sale is located in the Lakeshore community by Simple Life in Oxford FL

If you’ve been looking for a change of pace and a community with its own aesthetic appeal, then you might enjoy living in a small cottage home community. These communities, on top of being lovely villages of small homes, often include high-quality, simple homes! Take Lakeshore by Simple Life, we also offer unique amenities that support an active, healthy lifestyle. With so many locations to consider, where will you buy your next cottage? Do you know about Oxford, FL? This location is perfect for people eager to enjoy warm weather all year round. 

Discover in this blog by Simple Life the allure of Oxford, FL as a preferred home destination. Delve into the charm of village-style small homes and the myriad benefits they offer homeowners. Uncover the enchantment of small cottage communities. Join us as we delve into what makes Oxford so enticing as a place to call home.

The Benefits of Living in Oxford, FL

Compared to other cities and towns across Florida, Oxford offers plenty of benefits and has its own appeal. Many people know the town because of its proximity to The Villages, a famous retirement community. Still, there’s so much that makes this charming town a must-visit or people’s new home in the future. Here are some of the reasons people love living here:

  • Favorable Weather: If you come from a northern state, you’ll immediately feel the difference! Oxford, FL, is a dream for those who love hot summers and mild winters and who want to avoid the snow and sleet. If you love getting outside and enjoying the fresh air, then this is one of the best places to do so.
  • Affordable Cost of Living: From the inexpensive real estate to the lower cost of living, people also love how affordable it is to live here. According to reports, the cost of living is at least 2% lower, and housing is considerably lower than the national average. That means that you can find a high-quality home and enjoy a high standard of living without breaking the bank.
  • Great Location: Oxford, FL, is not too far from the main attractions but still far enough that you’ll enjoy peaceful days. You can drive to Orlando for the day or head to either coast! You can even drive only five minutes to get to your friends in The Villages. Oxford is one of the few cities this centrally located with several other benefits, too!

With so many reasons to move to Oxford, you might wonder what sort of homes to choose from. One of the most common homes people have turned to is a village-style small home, which provides you with numerous advantages. 

view from private back porch

Why People Love Village-Style Small Homes

If you’re keen on moving to Oxford, FL, then you might enjoy some of the available simple homes, like village-style small homes. These homes are perfectly constructed to provide you with all the space you need while ensuring it is financially feasible and sustainable. If you’re interested in village-style simple homes, here are some reasons people choose these models.

Financial Advantages 

While many people are worried about how they can afford a home, those who choose village-style, small, simple homes enjoy a financial advantage. Due to their size and efficient layouts, you enjoy lower prices and more affordable costs to maintain your property over time. That means that you have more money to invest in experiences, travel, and more. 

Ease of Living

Another reason so many people love village-style small homes is the ease of living they offer. The layout and square footage might be smaller than you are used to, but with so many flexible spaces, high-quality appliances and features, and more, you’ll always feel relaxed, comfortable, and right at home. These simple homes also make it easier than ever to maintain your home to an immaculate standard. 


Living in a larger home might have all the appeal in the world, but if you live in a simple home, you’ll live more sustainably and contribute to a healthier world. The less square footage you take up, the more efficiently you use your space. Additionally, many people also purchase village-style small homes that are made with sustainable features, reducing their carbon footprint and how they impact their world. 

The keyton floorplan includes a small porch in the back yard.

The Appeal of a Small Cottage Community

If you’re interested in living in a village-style small home, then living in a small cottage community would be perfect for you. Not only will you live around others who enjoy simple living, but you’ll also enjoy other benefits as well. With a community like Lakeshore by Simple Life, here’s what you can expect as a resident here:

  • Quiet, Secluded Vibes: Many residents in communities like Lakeshore talk about how different living in a Simple Life community is. Sunny Davidson, one of our residents, said, “It was like night and day. Here I was out in this busy, busy world, and then all of a sudden, it was peace. And I felt that. It just drew me!” 
  • Smart Community Layout: Unlike other communities, a cottage home community embraces a balance of outdoor and indoor space. The homes may be small, but there are several walking trails throughout the community, a community center, a pool, and other amenities that unite people as a neighborhood, strengthening the sense of community you feel while you’re here. 
  • Ample Outdoor Space: The community is built around nature rather than the other way around. Because of your home’s small square footage, you’ll feel called to come outside, go for a walk, or simply sit on the porch and sip coffee as you admire the view. Here, you can embrace outdoor living and simplicity!

A scenic view of a serene lake surrounded by greenery and trees, with a clear blue sky overhead, viewed from a white railing.

Explore Lakeshore by Simple Life: An Idyllic Cottage Home Community

With so many reasons to choose a cottage home community in Oxford, FL, you must decide the model to buy. To learn more about the benefits of living in cottage home communities and to explore our current communities, visit our website today to discover what home fits your family best. 


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