Frequently Asked Questions?

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Questions About Our Simple Life Homes

In North Carolina, Simple Life homes meet and exceed all local building codes! Our homes are built with sturdy wood framing using 2×4 and 2×6 construction. Metal roofs fare best in wind and rain, so there are no shingled roofs in our communities. Our homes’ Hardie siding is immune to termites and other wood destroying organisms, prevents mold or mildew growth, and takes all kinds of paint. Homes are insulated for comfortable living year-round, and R-values meet or exceed local requirements.

In North Carolina, our park model homes are built in factories that certify quality using nationally recognized ANSI standards which all RVIA Manufacturers must follow. RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) was established decades ago to certify quality for all homes 399 sq feet and less across the Nation. ANSI (American National Standards Institute) outlines specific building and manufacturing standards and codes that dictate the construction processes of these homes.

Yes. There are no restrictions limiting the amount of time you can spend in your home.

In North Carolina, there is a 12-Month Warranty and Simple Life will pursue any claims on your behalf if needed. Additionally, we provide an optional extended 5-year service agreement.


In Florida, A 12 month warranty begins on day of closing and is covered by a Company called “2-10”. They have been in business for over 40 years and already warranty over 6 million homes. They are your go-to contact and they work with the Builder to arrange covered repairs. If the Builder goes out of business, or after the first 12 months is over, and the extended coverage begins, the 2-10 company is your support as they guarantee the warranty on all covered items; we have a handout that will bring added clarity to you so ask our agents for a copy.

We offer several shed options but our zoning laws do not allow a garage.

At Lakeshore, contact your Director of Sales when you are ready! In North Carolina, contact your Sales Agent to proceed.

No. We are not age-restricted and welcome everyone. However, our 1 – 2-bedroom homes are limited in size and have a max capacity of 2 persons per bedroom.

Due to the Fair Housing Act, we are not able to track the ages of all our residents. So far, our resident’s range in age from approximately early 20s to mid 80s. Anyone who meets the requirements of the Resident Application form is welcome to enjoy the Simple Life. It’s wonderful to see all different age groups living in harmony!

We love pets! We include dog parks in our communities and poop stations at every intersection. We require that each pet has a full vaccination record, rabies shots, and picture submitted with the pet approval form. Pets are typically approved unless the breed is on the uninsurable list or exceeds the 70 lb. weight limit. Each of our properties has a specific rule on the number of pets allowed, based on their size – we are after all a cottage community!

We have the option to increase it up to a cap of 7% based on CPI (consumer price index) on the anniversary of the lease each year. A longer-term lease gives you greater financial control of your future.