Understanding Park Model Homes

Understanding Park Model Homes

The modern tiny house movement has been trending for the better part of the last decade. From festivals and showcases to magazine articles and books, tiny houses are more popular than ever, likewise with the recreational vehicle industry. It has seen an increase in sales and interest. However, one spike seems of particular note: park model homes. Park models and modular cottages, sometimes referred to as cottage homes or cabins, seem to be outpacing all other areas. A good portion of this growth is due to the creation of park model communities that provide a worry-free lifestyle like The Village at Flat Rock, NC, a Simple Life community.


Built to ANSI A119.5 RV code, a park model is a home built on a chassis and mounted on wheels. (The wheels are often hidden by skirting, and sometimes are removed entirely.) In the past, park models were primarily used as seasonal homes or recreational getaways. However, with an increase in craftsmanship, structural integrity, style, and outdoor living enhancements, more and more people are using park models as full time residences where they can focus not on a large home and all of the “stuff” that seems to accompany it, but rather on the things they love in life. In the case of The Village at Flat Rock, NC that’s often the beauty and recreation of the Blue Ridge Mountains as well as community amenities such as yoga, a fitness gym, an in-ground swimming pool, and other activities.


  • 399 or fewer square feet of living space (Florida is 499 square feet)
  • 90 – 100% built inside a production facility
  • Reduce cost, time, and risk typically associated with home building
  • Exceed current building standards and eliminate the effects of potentially damaging weather
  • Utilize home dimensions and layouts designed to minimize material cuts
  • Towable on public byways
  • Require registration, tags, and insurance


The largest represented population in park model communities is the so-called “Baby Boomer” generation. Baby Boomers are a demographic that is recently retired or preparing to retire. Their children are grown. They have braved the winters of other regions for too many years and they are ready for a change in lifestyle. They want a smaller space to take care of but still want a comfortable home where they can mingle with other like-minded people. Park model communities, like The Village at Flat Rock, NC, provide the perfect setting. Park models have a main floor master bedroom with the option for a loft space or even a second bedroom for visiting friends and family. They also feature a complete kitchen often with full sized appliances, a full bathroom, a living room with generous natural lighting, a deck or patio space, and access to many opportunities to connect with neighbors and nature. Park model living is a comfortable and safe place to enjoy life without the stigma of a retirement village or other aging community. At the end of the day, it’s about quality of life. Simple Life CEO Mike McCann said, “I think one of the reasons park models are picking up, in general, is because of the increased quality and craftsmanship. At The Village our new park models have textured walls, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, hardwood flooring and other high quality inclusions. It’s a luxury home, but smaller.”


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