5 Ways to Be a Helper from Home

Simple Life Values: 5 Ways to Be a Helper

Simple Life Values: 5 Ways to Be a Helper

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.~ Fred Rogers
At Simple Life, we believe the best life lived is in a community of neighbors who become friends. During this time of uncertainty, it is the power of friendship that lifts us up and helps us move forward; the helpers. That friendship can be expressed in more than just words. It can be expressed in actions as well. Consider these 5 ways neighbors can illustrate their love for each other.
5 Ways to Be a Helper from Home


A wonderful tool for any neighborhood or community is Nextdoor. Designed to let you stay in touch virtually with your neighbors, Nextdoor can be an online gathering place where you can lend a hand to those who may be a bit older, physically challenged, or medically compromised. That might mean picking up a few groceries while you’re out getting your own or grabbing a convenient meal to-go from a local restaurant. Whatever the case, a simple act of assistance can go a long way both during the pandemic and beyond.


Luckily, the sizes of the homes in Simple Life communities make it pretty difficult to be a hoarder! While there is plenty of food left on the shelves, medicine is still available at the pharmacies, and there are bottles of wine just waiting to be opened with that perfect pasta dinner, sharing is caring. If you somehow manage to stockpile goods and have some extras, consider sharing them without being asked. Perhaps you overhear a neighbor talking about being short on toilet paper while collecting your mail. Consider anonymously leaving a few rolls on the entry steps of that neighbor’s home. What a great way to strengthen the community!
5 Ways to Be a Helper from Home


While you certainly don’t need to host a community-wide barbecue making an extra meal and sharing it with a neighbor is an amazing way to be a helper. People are stressed right now. They may not have the will or energy to fix a good meal. That is where a good neighbor steps in. Who doesn’t like to answer a knock at the door to find a good friend left a warm plate of delicious food? Or instead of cooking maybe support your favorite local restaurant, grab some take-out, and deliver it to your neighbor.


There is a running joke on the Internet that any particular day right now is the 1,573 day of Marprilay. People are following orders to stay-at-home and help flatten the curve. Because of such an order time seems to drag on and many are looking for anything to pass the time. That is where a helper comes in. If you have a special skill, consider providing a virtual group lesson free of charge. The internet is a great place to teach meditation, yoga, voice lessons, piano lessons, and more, all while maintaining proper social distancing!


Because so many restaurants have either had to close or reinvent themselves for take-out or delivery only, wages have been cut and tips are relied on even more so. That said, tip delivery people handsomely. What better way to be an advocate for the friendliness of your community than to be an ambassador to the public. Leave your delivery person with a desire to return to any Simple Life community and tell her friends and family! They say it takes a village. That means that each of the villagers has to show up. Lead by example if you are able. Be that helper that Mr. Rogers spoke so fondly of. Find out more about our neighbors and our friendly community. Connect with us by phone or email. Call The Village at (904) 574-5122 or Lakeshore at (352) 702-3266 or email us at info@simplelife1dev.wpengine.com. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.