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Tiny Home Floor Plan: Red Maple at The Hamlet

front of tiny home model Red Maple available at The Hamlet by SimpleLife with luxurious landscaping

Tiny home floor plans are available in an abundance of styles, layouts, and materials. Though, if you’ve never heard of the Red Maple, you’re about to discover a unique and charming tiny home. Designed by Champion Homes, this one-bed, one-bath home spans 399 square feet. This tiny home is an ideal choice for those desiring efficient and comfortable living.

Upon arrival, the Red Maple welcomes occupants with a spacious front-covered porch. Notice how seamlessly this outdoor space flows into the living room.

front of tiny home model Red Maple available at The Hamlet by SimpleLife with luxurious landscaping

Red Maple Tiny Home Floor Plan Interior

Natural light filters through windows on every wall, illuminating the living room.

The unique layout of the living area captures attention immediately, with a central 160-square-foot loft located above an open kitchen. This space is ideal for a guest bedroom or extra storage space. This innovative design maximizes both functionality and visual appeal. The Red Maple does have room for minor customizations and is available with or without this loft space.

Kitchen with stainless steal appliances including farm house sink.

The kitchen is divided by a central hallway, which leads to the bathroom. In this tiny house, you will find plenty of cabinets and counter space in the kitchen on either side of the hallway. This rustic home also features stainless steal appliances and a gorgeous farmhouse style sink.

Adjacent to the loft stairs, the home boasts convenient stack washer and dryer units, showcasing a commitment to modern living convenience.

The Red Maple‘s bedroom is a thoughtfully designed space, featuring built-in his/hers closets with a convenient dresser nestled in between. This arrangement optimizes storage while maintaining a sense of spaciousness.

View of the living space from the loft

Overall, the Red Maple is crafted with attention to detail. Its clever layout – including the loft above the kitchen and the strategically placed bedroom amenities – showcases an efficient and comfortable tiny home floor plan.

Enjoy maintenance-free lawn in this home at Simple Life in North Carolina. Never do yard work again, enjoy internet and cable, find an abundance of amenities within walking distance, and more. Find more information here:


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