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Storing Sports Equipment in a Tiny Home

sports equipement inside home

Beautiful, warm, summertime weather often inspires us to get outside and get active. From gardening to paddling a kayak or canoe, the list of warm weather outdoor activities goes on and on. All this fun can lead to an accumulation of sports equipment which is a problem if your goal is keep your home as clutter-free as possible. Try these simple tips about storing in a tiny home from Simple Life. 

Kayak Shack

Canoes and kayaks are financial investments, and proper storage will help prevent damage. It is recommended to store these items indoors, so the elements don’t degrade the fiberglass, plastic, fabric, or painted surfaces. One way to keep your boat without taking up space in your cottage is to build a boat sized storage compartment. First purchase a storage rack to hold the boats off the ground, then build a small shed-style roof and walls to limit exposure to weather.

5 Tips for Storing Summer Sports Equipment in a Cottage Home

Wheels Up!

Living at either The Village or The Hamlet puts you just minutes from the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is full of gorgeous range loaded with bike trails and paths for all ability levels. Once you’ve returned from the trail, where do you store your bike? Try a pulley system on your porch to keep your bike safely stored while freeing up floor space.

5 Tips for Storing Summer Sports Equipment in a Cottage Home

Reach High

Baskets are not just for wastepaper or trash; they can also serve as super functional storage. Consider placing baskets at the top of your closet and loading them with the equipment you need for each outdoor activity you regularly pursue. You may have one basket with your ball glove, softball, and ball cap in it and one with your gardening tools. Put a label on the front of each basket so you can easily tell what’s inside. Tip! Pull baskets down carefully to avoid spilling summer equipment on your head!

5 Tips for Storing Summer Sports Equipment in a Cottage Home

Display It

With storage being such a hot topic in the last 6-7 years, many sporting goods companies have come out with storage solutions that hold your stuff and look cool too! From baseball bat holders that mount to the wall to sneaker display racks that stack neatly in a corner, there is no reason you can’t turn your favorite sports equipment into art. Your display will make for great conversation and allow you easy access to your equipment without sacrificing space in your small cottage home.

Studio Shed?

The Studio Shed is the backyard shed, re-imagined for Simple Life communities! At 10’ x 12’ the Studio Shed is more than traditional storage. Each shed has flooring, heating and AC, pleasant lighting, 3 windows, and well-placed electrical outlets. With 120 square feet of storage possibilities you can rack mount your standup paddle board, hang your bike, create a space for your fly fishing poles, and so much more!

Whatever you may choose to do in your space, there are several ways to store your summer sports equipment without taking up space in your cottage home. From sophisticated to perfectly practical we encourage you to find the right fit for your home!

Have more questions about storage for summer? Contact one of our community professionals. 


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