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Cottage Home Decor Ideas for Fall

Cottage home decor ideas for fall.

Fall is many people’s favorite season- beloved for its seasonal scents and treats, the beauty of the leaves turning, and the chill in the air. As we enter into this new Fall season, it’s time to bust out the decorations and get your home decked out with all the cozy vibes. If you are looking for inspiration for your decor, look no further!

Cottage home decor ideas for fall.

The Perfect Cottage Home Decor Color Palette

The first thing you need to do is decide on a color palette. Look at pictures, browse Pinterest boards, and decide what look you are going for. My #1 tip for decor is picking a color scheme that either picks up colors already in your home or consists of colors that will compliment your home well. This way, your decorations feel like they flow in your space, instead of clashing with it. Neutrals are usually a safe bet and provide a great set of colors for fall decor.

It's essential to choose a fall color palette for your decor.

It Is All About First Impression: Cottage Home Front Porch

The front porch of your cottage home has a lot of potential. Imagine the Vista porch, lined with pumpkins and globe lights. You’ll have the most loved yard in the neighborhood! Below are a few recommendations for your front porch and front door this Fall.

Welcome Mat

Pick a welcome mat that fits your style. This option from Amazon brings in all the Fall colors and would tie in nicely with other decorations. If you want something a little more subtle, this beauty from Anthropologie gives all the fall vibes.


It doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to hang a wreath. There are a ton of options online for wreaths that use fall colors, like this one from Amazon. However, I am a big fan of homemade wreaths. They are super easy to make, and that way you can personalize it exactly how you want it!

Autumn cottage home decor is important to have on the front porch as well.


Line your steps with pumpkins of all different shapes and sizes. I like to layer white and orange pumpkins, leading up to my front door. Pro tip: Don’t carve any pumpkins too early! They won’t last long after you cut into them, and you probably want them to look good for Halloween. And don’t forget to toast those pumpkin seeds for a snack later on 🙂

Your Cottage Home Decor Center Piece

A centerpiece for your dining table, or even your coffee table, is the key to the best home decor. There is so much you can do here with different layers, using flowers and greenery, candles, pumpkins, ribbon- even fruit! A trick I like to use is to layer everything onto a tray like this one. This makes it easier to remove the decor when you need the space for a family dinner, or maybe a work-from-home set up. Then you are never left having to undo and redo your center piece!

Autumn cottage home decor centerpiece with pumpkins.

It’s A Cottage: Keep it Cozy

Your cottage home is cozy already, but adding in these fall touches will only elevate it. One of the coziest parts of fall are the scents. Make sure your space has yummy candles, like Pumpkin Clove from Capri Blue. Most of these fall candles come in pretty jars, so they’ll also add to the decor!

Hopefully these tips helped inspire you on your fall decor journey. We’d love to see how you fill your space, so send us a picture to for a chance to be featured on our social media!


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