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Lakeshore By Simple Life: 5 Reasons To Move Today

Aerial view of a large residential property with a swimming pool, sun loungers, and a spacious lawn surrounded by trees.

Florida has long been a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts, active adults, and retirees. People who have lived through snow-packed winters in the northern states love it as well. It’s no wonder so many folks head down to the Sunshine State where beautiful outdoor living can be enjoyed 8-9 months out of the year. There is more than just Mickey Mouse, alligators, and early-bird specials in Florida. Florida encompasses some of the best in sports, recreation, diversity, cuisine, and more! At Lakeshore by Simple Life, residents gain access to community amenities, events and activities along with their brand-new cottage home. Just down the road lie world-class golf courses, shopping and restaurants, top-notch medical facilities, and more. In case you aren’t convinced yet that you belong in sunny Central Florida, here are 5 reasons you’ll want to move to Lakeshore today!

Lakeshore’s Community

Residents form a very unique bond in our communities. Many residents have shared that they’ve connected more with their neighbors in a short period of time than they ever did in a traditional neighborhood! Because of all of the gathering spaces, events and activities, and general like-mindedness of our residents, its not hard to make friends quickly. At Lakeshore, we have singles and couples, all who experience thriving social lives. One way to get active right away at Lakeshore is to join an Envoy Group, where residents utilize their skills or take up new hobbies and volunteer within the community.

Neighbors chatting on a front porch at Lakeshore by Simple Life.

Central Florida Weather

Nowhere has perfect weather, and you are sure to experience some rainy days if you live in Florida year-round. However, the almost 365 days of warm weather and sun outweigh the afternoon showers in the Summer! Ditch the snow for the winter and make Lakeshore By Simple Life your second home. Leave the snow boots at home and pack your bathing suit, because our pool is heated! You’ll be so glad you made the jump when you are watching the sunset on the observation deck in sunny 70 degrees this winter.

Observation Deck - Lakeshore By Simple Life

Simple Life’s Let Go of Burdens Mindset

When you downsize your home, you get rid of a lot of clutter. You’ll start to realize how much you have that you really don’t need. This makes keeping a clean house much easier! Spend less time maintaining your space and more time enjoying it. On the topic of maintenance, how much of a pain is it to keep your lawn manicured? Well, at Lakeshore, you won’t have to worry about it. Let us take care of it. Lastly, you can let go of the dozens of monthly bills you have to keep up with, never knowing what the total will end up costing. We offer a predictable monthly fee that allows you to keep more money in your pocket, and pay one time a month. No more full mail boxes!

Ease of Travel

Lakeshore’s location makes it driving distance to basically everything in Florida- day trips, weekenders, you name it. Not only that, but you could make it to the mountains in a day as well. Further travel is a breeze as well, with Orlando International Airport only an hour away, you can fly almost anywhere.

Safety & Security

Safety is an absolute priority in all Simple Life communities. We want all of our residents to feel comfortable, secure and at-home. That’s why Lakeshore by Simple Life, and all of our communities, are gated. When the sun goes down and our sales office closes, that gate is down over night, and visitors can only get through if you let them. Our on-site team is there seven days a week, so residents can rest assured that someone is always there during the day if they need any assistance- and we provide an emergency phone number as well.

We could give you a dozen more reasons to move to Lakeshore today – but ultimately, our community speaks for itself. If you are interested in taking a tour or want to learn more, contact us!


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