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Tips to Maximize Your Storage Space in Your Tiny Home

Our Tiny homes at The Hamlet come as small as 399 square feet. With that, you gain a beautiful new home, a gorgeous community filled with amenities, lovely new neighbors and an on-site team that is here for you. But for some, the downsize can be pretty intimidating. There are a few ways to maximize your tiny home storage, making room for all of your necessities while ensuring your space doesn’t feel cluttered.

The best thing to do before downsizing is research and prepare. Start by evaluating your belongings and donating or selling anything you don’t really need or use. The less you bring to your new home, the less you have to worry about or maintain. Let go of the burdens of unnecessary belongings and get more out of life! Once you’ve reduced the clutter, take a look at these tips before moving into your tiny home:

Storage-Friendly Furniture In a Tiny Home

A good way to lead the organization of any home is to keep things out of sight. Invest in some furniture that doubles as storage, so you can hide things like clothes, blankets, etc. Many beds come with drawers underneath, which is a great way to avoid the need for a large dresser for your clothing. The same goes for couches and ottomans, many with additional space underneath for bulky belongings.

One room you certainly want to be smart with is the kitchen. If you have space, a small floating island can be a life saver- especially for those who love to cook. This is a great way to organize spices, dishes, pantry items and more while concealing everything in drawers or baskets. This way you keep your kitchen looking nice and clean.

Vertical Storage For Your Tiny Home

Height is certainly your friend when trying to maximize space. Vertical shelves can help you store books, candles, knick knacks, and other items that need a place to belong. You can also install vertical shelving in your kitchen to house some of those extra pantry items and spices we talked about before. Vertical storage is also imperative in your closet space- the best way to fit everything nicely where you can see it all! No one wants to dig through clothes to find that one shirt in the pile.

Evaluate Your Belongings Before Selecting a Home

Before you purchase your home, identify what features would most benefit you. For example, the Laurel Oak is well equipped with kitchen storage. If you know you’ll want all your gadgets and appliances, and you are someone who cooks frequently and keeps a lot of ingredients in, this might be the most functional kitchen for you! If you’d benefit from a loft space, select one of our homes that allow for it! The Sedona and Grande cottages are great options.

Hanging Storage

With the same “vertical thinking” in mind, hanging storage can be a very effective way to keep your space clear. One way to utilize this method is by installing hooks for your pots and pans. This allows you to free up cabinet space for the rest of your tiny home kitchen belongings!

Over-the-Door Storage

The best places to practice over-the-door storage are your closets and bathrooms. House your shoes, toiletries, hair tools and more in special organizers that hang right over your door. You can purchase these from Amazon, Target or Ikea.

Done right, your new tiny house will be the coziest home you’ve ever had. There is something so liberating about reducing your clutter and getting rid of the things you don’t need. It will leave more money in your pocket, reduce stress, and lead you to a simpler life.


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