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Simple Life Communities: The Envoy Program

A woman in a sun hat ties vines to a trellis in a garden.

A collection of Simple Life homes is more than a neighborhood, it’s a community. Life inside the gates of Lakeshore or The Village is about friendships, neighbors, and long lasting relationship. Whether in Flat Rock, NC, or Oxford, FL – life in any of our Simple Life communities comes with almost everything taken care of. There is no more mowing the lawn or keeping up with landscaping. You no longer have to maintain your own outdoor equipment or basic tools. In fact, there isn’t even a need to take out the trash. It truly is a simpler life in a beautiful community and a home with a smaller footprint and less to maintain.

However, not being involved in the upkeep of the community doesn’t mean you aren’t invited to become involved in the direction the community takes. In fact, we are pleased to introduce you to our Simple Life Envoy program. It was created to provide all residents a chance to be heard and help direct the future of their community.

What is a Simple Life Communities Envoy?

By definition, an envoy is a messenger or representative, especially one on a diplomatic mission. Envoys are very important to the mission and vision of all Simple Life communities. They help Simple Life achieve a “10” and maintain and operate our communities to the highest standards. We depend on our Envoys to collect and share feedback, ideas and help make plans for the future. Each Envoy group is comprised of 3-4 residents and each resident will be an Envoy for a 12-month period before rotating out, (so we can share the fun!)

Each Group of Envoys is responsible for supporting a certain area of the Simple Life community in which they live. With, of course, the full support of Community Management and the rest of the Simple Life team. Envoys are involved in conceptualizing, researching, decision making, and oversight for various projects in their groups’ area of interest. They receive ideas and feedback from other homeowners and meet with the Simple Life team on a regular basis to make sure the feedback is shared.

Envoys are the voices that move our communities forward, groups of volunteer residents who “get things done,” all while having fun doing what they enjoy most.

Simple Life Communities Envoy Groups

Garden Club Envoys

Do you love gardening, plants, and helping people? The Garden Club Envoys assist Simple Life in developing the community vegetable, flower, and fruit gardens, and present the Garden of the Month award to a different home each month! Opportunities may also include helping plan for future landscaping in your community.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Envoys

The ARC Envoys help set standards for moving forward – what is and is not architecturally acceptable in the community. Delegates are also among the first to visit a home with an ARC application and make a recommendation to management.

Communication Envoys

Are you an expert in your community rules and regulations? Communication Envoys are rooted in just that. Members may approach homeowners diplomatically to encourage them to follow the guidelines and help them avoid being fined and will also have the opportunity to be involved in future revisions and reviews of Schedule B.

NC Residents Gardening Envoy

Social Envoys

The Social Envoy is perfect for anyone who enjoys visiting, meeting new people, and generally being a social butterfly. These Envoys plan parties, events, functions, fun games, and activities. Envoys also welcome new residents and meet with prospective buyers to share the wonders of life in a Simple Life community.

Dog Park Envoys

Are you a Dog Lover? Do you enjoy designing the perfect play space for our furry family members? Dog Park Envoys is the group for you. Beyond just helping manage park resurfacing, lighting for evenings, and other concepts, this team will help community management present the Doggie Mascot of the Month honor to one lucky pup each month!

Community Improvement Envoys

Simple Life is excited to announce the Community Toolshed program. If residents need to borrow a weed eater to trim the grass inside their fence or want to put some plants in the yard but need to borrow some tools, Community Improvement Envoys assist in loaning out (for free) tools to homeowners and ensuring they come back! These Envoys also help management research local contractors to recommend service providers for things regularly needed by homeowners.

It is no secret that every thriving community has advocates. Advocates fuel positive growth by pioneering change and innovation, promoting communication, and bringing people together. That is what the Simple Life Communities Envoy program is all about. Giving homeowners an advocacy voice. A voice that will make a difference in the very place you live.


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