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Yoga Studio at Home: Tips for Setting it Up

A woman practicing yoga in a serene home environment with large windows, a mat, and indoor plants.

Yoga was developed over 5,000 years ago, becoming a widely practiced form of exercise and hobby among people today. In fact, many people set up their own yoga studio at home. The practice has proven to lead to many health benefits, both physical and mental: increased strength, balanced metabolism, improved cardiac health, better concentration, mental clarity, stress management and more. Yoga is designed for everyone, from children to adults, beginners to experts, and can be found in many different forms.

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Not only can you attend a live class, but you can also stream your own online right from your home. Some people prefer to workout in the comfort of their own home, especially those with long work days and busy schedules. Below are a few tips for setting up an at-home yoga studio in your cottage home.

Designate a Space

Create a specific space in your home to dedicate to your yoga practice. You want this space to feel detached from the rest of your world in order to fully relax and separate yourself from any distractions. Choose a spare room, or your guest cottage just steps from your home, to become your own personal yoga studio.


This should be a space you can relax in, and it is difficult to relax with cluttered. Once you’ve chosen your studio area, make sure to remove anything that might distract you or make your space feel crowded. Nothing should belong in this room outside of your equipment, and anything that will aid your practice.

Add Relaxing Elements

Now that there is no clutter, select some items that will add to the ambiance of your yoga space. We’d recommend a few indoor plants, to add some liveliness to the space. If you don’t have enough light to feed natural plants, buy a few potted fake ones- there is no shame! You can also hang up some art like paintings or graphics, there are many different options with soothing colors that will add to the nice feel of your studio.

Yoga Studio

Scents can also be a great addition. Perhaps some candles, or even a diffuser. Choose from a variety of relaxing and cleansing essential oils to help set the tone for a calm state of mind.

Lighting is important as well. We wouldn’t recommend bright overhead lights, so maybe invest in a lamp or two. Another option is to add some string lights, scattering glimmers of light throughout the space without adding harsh light to any areas.

Stock Up Your Equipment

Now add in everything you’ll need for your yoga sessions. First, of course, is a yoga mat. You can get this for very little at a sporting goods store, Amazon or even Target. You’ll want to get some towels as well, so you have those nicely stocked when you need them.

It is always good to have a mirror for any type of exercise, so you can check your form. For yoga, you’ll want to see that you are performing each pose correctly, and identify areas for improvement as you increase your flexibility. We’d recommend at least one full-body mirror, either hanging on the wall or a standing mirror.

If you want to use the space for other workouts as well, purchase some dumbbells, resistance bands, or even some cardio equipment if you have the space. Your studio can serve other purposes, just be sure not to compromise the energy of the room by adding the clutter back in!

Yoga Studio at Home

Hopefully these tips provide inspiration for setting up your at-home yoga studio, or even give ideas for creating a calmer home!



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