Choosing a Style For Your Cottage Home

Choosing a Style For Your Cottage Home

Choosing a Style For Your Cottage Home

The best part about moving into a new home is decorating! It’s the perfect opportunity to use your creativity to turn your house into a home, reflecting your personality and interests. There are so many directions to go, a variety of styles to pull from and it’s always fun to experiment with something new. Perhaps you want to bring elements of your hometown into your new place, or you found a really great piece of vintage furniture that you want to draw from. The options are endless! Here are a few cottage home style ideas to help you get inspired.


As someone who grew up by the water, I love to incorporate nods to my beach town when I decorate. To me, this means light and airy colors, rattan baskets and elements of the sea like coral or shells. If you are a lover of the ocean, you can take this even further and have a totally coastal room with sea foam subway tile, palm leaves and conch shells. See our Pinterest board for all the beach vibes for your cottage home.   Choosing a Style For Your Cottage Home


Something I love about a bohemian styled room is that you can be as eclectic as you’d like, adding new trinkets whenever you find them. This style is for lovers of color and patterns, for those who want to use décor as a form of self-expression. Remember that awesome piece of vintage furniture? Put it in your living room with some patterned wallpaper and bright throw pillows. As you embark on travels, you might find some art pieces or pottery that would make a great addition.


Farmhouse is a growing popular design style across the southeast. It’s simple, light and rustic. Usually, the farmhouse style utilizes earth tones with light greenery in wreaths or plants around the house. Pampas grass has become all of the craze, adding a different texture to the mix. This style is perfect for those who appreciate simplicity and minimal décor while still creating a comfortable atmosphere that feels like home.   Choosing a Style For Your Cottage Home Keep an eye on our Pinterest board for other design styles! We will continue to add ideas that might just inspire a new look for your home interior. Residents, we want to see your cottage home interiors! Send pictures to Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.