Empty Nesters Making the Switch to Tiny Houses

Empty Nesters Making the Switch to Tiny Houses

Life happens in stages. Childhood, school, jobs, marriages, children of our own, and so it goes. During times of transition from one stage to another, life can feel a bit unnerving. Circumstances seem to change on a dime and big adjustments are sometimes required. One of the biggest and most discussed changes in life is the transition from a home with children to home without children. As kids grow and leave the home to pursue life on their own, parents become empty nesters.  Becoming an empty nester is often a monumental transition with bittersweet emotions but it can also be an era of personal renaissance! Empty nesters finally get the opportunity to downsize into a more manageable space which, allows them to fill their time with experiences and connections rather than chores. Many are choosing to make the big change to small living in a tiny house or cottage. Village_at_Flat_Rock_Lakeside_PMRV_Exteriors-11 and it’s easy to see why much of it is created by empty nesters. Suddenly finding themselves needing less square footage, empty nesters welcome tiny houses as a right-sized solution. “Empty-nesters are often discerning buyers,” said Jacque Coots, Director of Sales at Simple Life, a cottage community in Western North Carolina. “They’ve sold their larger home and have exact ideas about the new home they want to buy. A cottage is often a great fit.” At The Village at Flat Rock, NC, Simple Life’s Western North Carolina community, just over 50% of homeowners are empty nesters making a new start. Lakeside_Seabreeze_with_loft_Village_at_Flat_Rock “This is much more comfortable living,” said Sherron Arenz who downsized into a 399 sq. ft. cottage at The Village with her husband Heinz in 2016 after their kids moved out of the house. “We don’t go out shopping looking for things, we are looking for experiences.” Beyond a fresh start and a new attitude, empty nesters recognize the practical benefits of making the switch to tiny:

Low Maintenance

The compact interiors of tiny homes require very little homeowner maintenance and cleaning. Similarly, a tiny home can occupy a relatively small plot of land, making property upkeep a breeze. At The Village at Flat Rock, NC cottages feature right-sized front yards and side yards with just enough space for a pet or to entertain company. This means homeowners don’t have to worry about hours of yard work and can spend time doing the things they enjoy like traveling, hiking, exercising or spending time with friends and family.

Space for the Whole Family

Empty nesters may not always use a second bedroom or a loft, but when the holidays come around many are glad to have the option. The Village at Flat Rock, NC recently began to offer a two-bedroom cottage model and lofts provide sleeping spaces for children and grandchildren. When unoccupied the extra space can be a home office, a gym, or a hobby room!
Tiny home interior at The Village at Flat Rock, NC

Beautiful and Functional Spaces

Modern tiny homes and cottages are constructed by some of the nation’s top homebuilders with names and reputations that empty nesters recognize and trust. The Village at Flat Rock, NC features a one-of-a-kind tiny house built by Clayton Homes that includes upgraded storage and more outdoor living space inspired by feedback from tiny home buyers. Today’s cottages have all the comforts you’d expect from a modern luxury home. Living spaces include large windows that provide bright, ample, natural light and open designs that allow for ease of movement and conversation. Kitchens and bathrooms feature high-end fixtures and full-sized appliances. The exteriors are crafted with the same materials you’d find in a high-end home and often come with extended warranties.


Modern tiny house communities like The Village at Flat Rock, NC are designed with a perfect balance of private and shared space in mind. Every resident has access to shared amenities like a dog park, a beautiful in-ground pool and sun deck, a full clubhouse, a yoga room, a state-of-the-art fitness facility, water features and green spaces, a fire pit, and even community gardens! To learn more about spec homes, tiny homes, custom order cottages, and other empty-nester options at The Village at Flat Rock, NC contact Simple Life at (904) 574-5977 or Find out why Simple Life cottage communities are perfect for empty nesters and visit us today!