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Exploring the Charm of Tiny Home Living in North Carolina

2 bed tiny home in nc community with deck shed and landscape.

If you’re on the lookout for an affordable home, why not consider a tiny house? Tiny homes have taken the world by storm, and rightfully so! They offer a great amount of benefits and are an excellent alternative for home buyers. For those searching for tiny home communities in North Carolina, this is the blog for you. Discover everything you need to know right here! From tiny home living, why we continue to see this trend, to what kind of homes you can purchase. 

We’ll also explore the benefits of tiny home living with Simple Life and what features you can expect when you purchase one of our tiny homes. Before we get into the different homes and tiny home communities, let’s discuss why this trend is so popular today. 

Why Are Tiny Homes Rising in Popularity? 

In North Carolina, you have likely seen a great deal of tiny homes communities being created across the state. While not every single county has its own tiny home community as of yet, the number of people buying tiny homes in NC has risen as compared to years past. According to WCNC, many people are turning to tiny homes in North Carolina as an affordable housing option to keep their living costs low. 

With the zoning changes happening in many counties across the state, 2-bedroom tiny homes in NC have become a desirable offer that solves challenges for those struggling to afford homes. This new zoning will allow for even more tiny homes to be created expanding the vast offerings available to home buyers in NC today.   

19 Two Swans Lane tiny home resale side yard and driveway

What Kinds of Tiny Homes Are There in North Carolina? 

If you are seeking a tiny home for your family, you have several options in North Carolina. As of 2024, only a few counties allow tiny homes to be built. Still, you will find a few different options to choose from to best support your home needs: 

  • Tiny House on Wheels: One of the most popular options for more nomadic types is a tiny house on wheels. You can hook it up to your trailer hitch and park it in campgrounds, RV parks, and even beaches for short-term visits! However, due to its ability to be transported, this home is not considered a full-time residence.
  • Tiny Houses on Foundations: Many of the tiny homes you’ll find in North Carolina are built or anchored on foundations, which are legal due to their permanent or semi-permanent location on a plot of land. These homes will vary in size, as some counties require a minimum of 150 square feet to start, plus an additional 100 square feet per additional resident.
  • Off-Grid Tiny Houses: For those who want a bit more privacy, you can also opt for off-grid tiny homes! They are a great option for individuals who prefer a more sustainable lifestyle and a bit more privacy. However, they entail more zoning and permitting to ensure you are all set to build your dream getaway. 

The Beauty of 2-Bedroom Tiny Homes

Tiny homes can come in many sizes, but for those who want a little more space and room for entertainment, 2-bedroom tiny homes in NC can be an excellent option. A 2-bedroom tiny home in NC can offer you a variety of amenities and features that will make you feel right at home, including but not limited to:

  • A Deck or Porch for Entertaining: Enjoy an extension of your living space that serves as a peaceful spot to relax, entertain, or simply take a moment to appreciate the beautiful natural setting around you.
  • High Ceilings for Extra Space: You won’t feel cramped with a 2-bedroom tiny home in NC because of the high ceilings, which provide you with extra room that makes your new home feel even more spacious.
  • A Loft for Extra Privacy: One of the benefits many enjoy with the 2-bedroom tiny homes in NC is the loft. The loft is a great option for those who want extra space and privacy, especially if they have guests come to visit.
  • Flex Spaces to Customize: If you work from home or want additional space for your hobbies, the flex spaces within the 2-bedroom tiny home in NC provide you with opportunities to customize your home to suit your needs. 
  • Extended Kitchens and Office Space: Some models in tiny home communities offer extra kitchen or office space. With a more oversized kitchen island or a dedicated office corner, your tiny home will not feel so tiny after all!

2 bed tiny home in nc community with deck shed and landscape.

The Benefits of Tiny Home Communities by Simple Life

With so many providers creating new homes for tiny home communities in NC, Simple Life stands out as an optimal choice for several reasons. Not only do we provide several options for your new home, but you also enjoy exceptional amenities that add further value to your experience:

  • High-Quality Homes: We prioritize high-quality manufacturing and features in each home we design and build. Our homes feel more like model homes, except they are yours to customize and enjoy with your family!
  • Ample Space: Our home models typically range from 390 square feet to 540 square feet, ensuring you have several options to find the proper layout for your needs. You won’t feel cramped, and you’ll have plenty of space for work, relaxing, and entertaining. 
  • Additional Outside Features: Beyond our high-quality interiors and unique layouts, Simple Life also offers features such as a car shed, carport, garden, porch, deck, and more. You can add on these exterior features to make it truly feel like home.   
  • Community Amenities: With clubhouses, community pools, fitness facilities, and dog parks, there are plenty of amenities that you can enjoy when you move into a Simple Life community. Some of our tiny home communities also offer organized classes and activities!

Shop for Your New Tiny House Today at Simple Life

With so many benefits available to you, Simple Life tiny home communities are an ideal choice for affordable and high-quality homes. Whether you choose a one-bedroom or a 2-bedroom tiny home in NC, you’ll enjoy the same spacious, community-centered living. Explore our North Carolina tiny home communities to find your new home today. 


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